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Effectively Managing Generation Y:
How to work more effectively with younger people

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Learn to manage young, smart and brash employees who may wear flip-flops to the office or listen to iPods at their desk. They seem to want to work, but they don't want work to be their life. This informative and entertaining program combines relationship building with no-fluff research on how to raise your awareness of generational issues and create better relationships with younger employees

  • The No.1 thing the dot-com generation wants: How to keep them interested and learning
  • The under-30 workforce – Generation X on steroids: High-performance, high-maintenance workers with strong sense of self-worth
  • Feedback and recognition: Time-saving ways to meet the demands of people used to getting constant feedback
  • Understanding a generation who prefers virtual problem solving
  • Coaching social skills in younger employees
  • How to be right without making them wrong
  • Inspiring company loyalty when employees are naturally skeptical
  • Creating an appealing environment: Promoting creativity and independent thinking
  • How to guide employees who don’t know how to shut up
  • Developing trust: Listening like a leader
  • How the younger generation deals with change
  • Successfully building better relationships that create a higher level of service: Making sure customers benefit from our efforts

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