Keynote Speaker Programs and Descriptions for Managers of Generation Y Employees

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Attract, Manage, Motivate
and Keep Younger Workers

Some employers struggle to attract talented workers under age 30, and still more find it challenging to get these Generation Y employees to achieve its best. Then, just when managers stumble upon methods that seem to motivate, they leave for more attentive management elsewhere. Wynn Solutions’ new, research-based program reveals what type of business image and work environment will entice the best young workers, which modern management techniques will keep them motivated, and which incentives will keep them from defecting.

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Generations Working Better Together 

This extremely informative, entertaining, solutions-based session explores why younger and older people don’t see eye to eye and what to do about it in the workplace. From pointers on motivating, managing and retaining younger employees to ways of preventing older managers from losing their minds, this research-based program shows it’s possible for baby boomers and Gen X and Y employees to work well together.

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Business Etiquette for Generation Y

Your new young hires sure know their way around PowerPoint and PDAs, but their habitual typos and cryptic e-mails stump clients and stagnate your business. From customer encounters to business dinners to effective writing, the under-30 set often lacks the experience needed to put the company’s best foot forward. With humor but without condescension, this session delivers pointers on professionalism and emphasizes business etiquette among a generation that values self-expression over corporate expectations.

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Making the Most of Difficult Situations:
Changing Markets, Changing Times

This funny, insightful keynote combines relationship building with no-fluff motivation and change to deliver real solutions in uncertain times. Professional keynote speaker and business relationship expert Garrison Wynn examines the challenges we face and shows how we can laugh at our problems while using them as catalysts for success. This session covers a lot of ground and provides no-cost, easily implemented, proven solutions that your people can use right away.

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The Truth About Success™:
Being the Best vs. Being Consistently Chosen

Success is more than being good at what you do; it's about being consistently chosen to do it. Garrison helps people to understand why their products, services or leadership styles – or those of their competitors – are selected. People don't necessarily choose what's best; they choose what they are most comfortable with, whether it's the best or not. We've all heard the importance of "best practices" and superior knowledge, so why aren't the smartest people with the most information always in charge or No.1 in their field? This keynote provides original research on managing expectations and emotions and shows that there really is more to success than being the best.

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Getting Great Results:
Turning Talent Into Performance

In this keynote, results from the largest management survey ever conducted are combined with real-life management and leadership solutions to get the most from your people, regardless of their skill level. Participants learn to manage their ego-driven top producers, how to listen like leaders and make their people feel heard, how to hire for talent and turn it into top performance, how to create a culture of excellence with their most promising people, and how to help their low performers to fight their way to the middle.

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